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This journal is no longer accepting new friends until further notice.

Friends Only
Welcome. This is where I post my fanworks, translations in progress and personal rants.

(1) Please friend me first before asking.
(2) Tell me a little about yourself, and why you want to read my LJ.
(3) I'm not very good at commenting on my friends' LJ, please don't be offended if I never write to you. On the other hand, I don't mind you lurking either, but it'd be nice to remind me that you're there once in a while.
(4) Respect yourself and be respectful to others
(5) I may choose to delete you without warning for the following reasons:
- you deleted me from your list
- your account ceased to exist
- you were rude to me or my friends

I pretty much friend anyone who wants to be friended, I just like to know who I'm friending first, so commnents here will be appreciated!


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